Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's in my bag?

Liz from ...but then I had kids has tagged in me in the blog sphere game, What's in my bag. When I received the notice, I was more than a little concerned over what would actually be in my purse, and thought about cheating a little, because I was using a little clutch the moment I got the notice, but I will be a good sport and play along.

My purse of choice these days is a Kenneth Cole Reaction bag I have had for over 5 years. I bought it for a song at the factory outlet store and it can hold just about anything.

This was the mess that was in my purse.

Going clockwise: my FABULOUS green Coach patent leather wallet. I paid a reasonable amount for it at the factory outlet store and I love that it is so shiny and such a pretty color. It helped looking at it as I paid for Matthew's Phase 1 of orthodontic repairs.

The next bag is my makeup bag. It holds some lipsticks of varying neutral shades, dental floss (which I cannot live without), a small mirror (which I avoid looking at), Burt's Bee's shimmer lip gloss (which I love) and Clinique liner.

I also carry the checkbook to pay my mother's bills. We have had several mishaps with her former property of late, and, frankly, I never leave home without it.

You see two little coin purses and a small wallet. The black one holds coins, the tan and the small wallet hold gift cards and discount cards. 'Cause you never know when the itch to shop will get you.

I also carry my own checkbook, 'cause I have three kids at school, and now matter what time of year it is, there is always a fundraiser going on somewhere, with someone.

I carry my aunt's keys too. She has had some medical issues lately, and we thought it would be a good idea if I had her keys on me in case something happened and I needed to get into her apartment right away.

In the middle, you will find my iPod carrier for the non-existent trips to the gym, receipts to miscellaneous stuff, coupons for free kids meals at Cracker Barrel , miscellaneous hair accessories , including a hair brush(because you never know with my hair some days)and a tube of Zicam tablets leftover from a victorious fight with a cold earlier in the flu season.

There is also a Weight Watchers Points Calculator, if I ever get the urge to really figure out how much that red velvet cupcake is. And the pink paper is a program from my middle child's Valentine's Day show that his class put on. The little green bow with the golden bow is some gold charms that I want to sell. There are also the security fobs to get into Joshua's school.

And the crowning glory, my cell phone, which is not pictured, because it was being charged. In that precious piece of technology: my phone, my iPod, my calendar, my blogging ideas in the notes section, my phone book, everything is on that phone. I finally splurged and bought the iPhone and have never looked back, except to make sure I didn't leave it behind.

Not very interesting stuff, I am afraid to say. I had just cleaned out my purse about three or four weeks ago. The mother lode was in there: Lego parts, Joshua's little notebooks with an assortment of pens so that he can draw at any given moment, the referral for the orthodontist, receipts for medical stuff that was filed away last weekend, even more hair accessories.

In the past, I have carried Sippy cups, a diaper and box of wipes, classroom keys, flash drives, camera, invitations, directions to places, to-do lists, grocery lists, coupons...the list is endless.

So, now comes the chance to tag some new people. As they say curiosity killed the cat, but I am dying to know what lies in the purses of these fellow bloggers:

1. Kristen at Motherese

2. Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla

3. Becca at Drama for Mama

4. ck at Bad Mommy Moments

5. Jessica at Adventures of a wife and mom

Come on girls, dump out those purses, get writing and then organize away! Looking forward to being a virtual snoop!


  1. Maria, cute bag! And love the green wallet! I can't believe you tagged me and now I have to fess up to my nasty little purse habit...eek.

  2. funny ... i think i have more stuff than that shoved into my purse... and the kids kept throwing more and more junk into it while we were out this weekend! have a great day!

  3. That wallet is awesome! It probably makes you smile every time you whip it out!

  4. GREAAAAAATTTTT.... I might lose some followers after I actually admit to what disaster is in my bag. The good news is that it will actually get me to EMPTY it out! I'll get on this this week!

  5. Nosing around inside of your bag and Liz's made me realize what a nosy woman I am! How telling these little glimpses are...I can't wait to play along later this week. :)

  6. your really gonna do this to me arent you? Hahaha ok ill play...

  7. Thanks for playing along, Maria! I did NOT know you had an AWESOME wallet. You must show me next time we are venting/complaining/whining/comparing blog notes over lunch.

  8. Hey Maria! love your purse. I hope this isn't cheating, but I wrote a post on this about a year and half ago, so I thought I'd just include the link


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