Friday, June 4, 2010

!!! for June 4, 2010

1. I am now 3 days away from the promised land...SUMMER VACATION...and while I realize that I will soon be pulling my hair out, I will only be responsible for my children, not anyone else' least for three months!

2. Joshua, upon being picked up from school this afternoon, said, "Momma, I missed you. I knew you would come back." Sweetest. Words. Ever.

3. An ice cold, light beer. Right as I came in from work. AAHHH!

4. Hubby picking up our takeout from our favorite Thai place. Reason #546,988 why I love this man.

5. The ache all over from last night's Pilates has made me feel alive.

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  1. Oh goodness, I can relate to all of these !!! moments. Enjoy them and this weekend which will lead to that promised land of summer vacation!!!

  2. !!! to the sweet words your little boy said. So cute. He sure loves his mama.

  3. Thai take-out, cold beer and unexpected declarations of love?

    !!! All the way, baby!

    (You're linked up, btw!)

  4. I love summer! It is so much fun. Got myself a tan on my arms today. Met some cool people at a Church Parking Lot sale (not my church but close to my home). They let vendors (me AVON vendor:-) set up.

    It is fun getting out and socializing. Midwest winter is gone. Bring on the SUN!!!

  5. Coming here from the SITS- Happy Saturday!

    Loved the Blogging Mojo post they had today-and glad to find your blog through their site!

    Can't wait to come back to read...

    now it's time for my cold beer! :)

  6. Oh Maria. All five of these are golden. I am sorry I'm so late in getting here. I've been swamped. Emotionally drained. And teetering on the edge every day. But your 5 moments of !!! are just what I needed. I feel like we are soul sisters, because each of them seems so very !!! to me, too!

  7. Mmm... pilates and takeout, sounds like Nirvana to me

  8. Man, I feel the pilates burn. That is definitly the !!! from yesterday. That and running about 2 miles with a cherished friend.

    Then takeout?!? I'm jealous. I had Genoa salami sandwiches last night. Definitely NOT takeout.


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