Thursday, June 17, 2010

!!!-Intentional Happiness for the week of June 18, 2010

1. Sticking with the new fitness regime...I love the feeling of accomplishment and strength that comes from overcoming excuses, fear and pain.

2. Hubby's birthday tomorrow. The world is much more full of !!! because of him.

3. One week into full blown potty training. Biggest !!! of the week came today in a double whammy: Joshua was in the potty when I picked him up from the gym nursery, AND he held it while he napped for a couple of hours while I shopped! WOO HOO!

4. Cleaned out and donated TONS of junk from the nursery/playroom/Matthew's new room !!!

5. Found awesome deals at the outlets, but restrained myself from major league purchases until I clean out my closet.

6. Saw the inside of the Coach outlet storeroom. So pretty, and what an intoxicating smell of brand new, expensive leather. !!!

7. Spending the last week with my guys...priceless.

8. Unexpected, extra money in today's paycheck!!!!

9. Dinner out with Hubby on Saturday night. And a pretty new dress to wear !!!!

10. Staying in on a rainy night, with my guys!!!

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  1. First of all... your new look here is !!! Sorry it's been a while since I've come by!

    You sure have a whole lot of !!! going on which is so refreshing to read. I'm dreading the potty training of my guy in the not so distant future. Maybe you could come up here and help me out? I have no idea how to do it with a boy!

    Happy Birthday to your husband - I hope you have fun celebrating!!

  2. tell your hubby happy birthday and for you i have a bloggy award over on my blog so go check it out.

  3. I feel ya on the work out routine. Work it, mama!!!

    Potty training can be such a !!! when it goes good.

    New dress to wear on date night is so very !!! to me, too. Even better when you feel better from your new work out routine.

  4. I am !!! at your potty training !!! Please come train mine :)

  5. And when you're done with TKW's kid, can I book you for mine? That would be cause for a double shot of !!!

    (For me...probably not for you.)

    Sorry, that's just my !!! jealousy talking!

  6. How about potty training boot camp? Pretty please with !!! on top.


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