Thursday, September 2, 2010

!!!- Intentional Happiness for the Week of September 3, 2010

This weekend, my mother and father in law will celebrate 46 years of marriage. In this day in age, marriage means very little to many people. Other people try to define it in who gets to participate in it.

While I respect other's beliefs and opinions, I think that marriage should be defined by what people going into it intend for it to mean: what their commitment to each other is, and sticking to it; weathering and thriving in the most adverse circumstances; celebrating survival and all the wonderful, small things that tend to be swept under the rug; surrounding yourself in hope, faith, and love for each other. It doesn't hurt if you think this person is cute, by the way.

Apparently, the dental issues of toddlers around the blog sphere is not limited to others. Joshua refused: loudly, quietly, with whining and without, to have a dental cleaning. There was no amount of begging, pleading, negotiating or reverse psychology that would work. I gave up, and rescheduled. For December. The happy part is that at least I don't have to think about it until then.

My class has been an endless source of happiness this week. There are all kinds of characters in there, and I am really enjoying getting to know them; their personalities, their weaknesses, what makes them tick. They have a wicked sense of humor, which helps immensely.

I am finding myself really enjoying my training for the half marathon. My neighbor and I wake up at all kinds of crazy hours of the morning, and do interval run/walk. When we first started about three weeks ago, I had no game. Now, I can keep up with my neighbor for most of the 40 to 50 minutes we are out.

The turning point? Thinking there was a rat by the lake where we run. It turns out it was a possum. But really, who gives a SH*% what it was! I was not planning to stick around to see what it was, and blessedly, neither was my neighbor. I think the last time I ran that fast, I was sixteen years old and chasing after the cute boy in Physical Education. (Not Hubby, by the way. But it's ok. He was chasing after someone else in the same class.) Nothing like the proverbial carrot to get you off your ass.

The main source of intentional happiness this week has to come from knowing the strength that is within each of us to face whatever challenges come our way. Some challenges are physical, others medical, many are emotional hurdles that life sets before us or that we create for ourselves.

I am in awe, but not really surprised, by the courage, wisdom and true hearts I have encountered this week. In spite of the muck they have encountered, they (and I) have marching orders. A plan of action to get through whatever come what may. I really believe a positive outlook and a good support system of family and friends can get you through just about anything.

Nothing is more beautiful than a scar that has healed.

Of course, good food and fine libations don't hurt either.

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  1. Oh, I love the part about the beauty in a scar that has healed! I remember someone saying that scars are marks of a lived life...I always liked that.

  2. 46 years. That's worth celebrating for a week! Congratulations to them. :)


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