Thursday, September 9, 2010

!!!- Intentional Happiness for the week of September 10, 2010

Seeing the couple in their eighties holding hands at Mass on Saturday afternoon.

My husband reaching for my hand as we walked back to the car after Mass on Saturday afternoon.

Menacing possum from last week's run becoming road kill. That's what you get when you mess with people that early in the morning...Karma is a bitch, yo.

Combined barbeque dinner with our neighbors. At my neighbors house. Delicious, with half the work and no clean up in my kitchen!

My nieces saying I love you. Melts my heart every time.

Having my sister and family over for dinner.

Unexpected hugs from my sweet boys.

Joshua' devilish look when he smiles and he's up to no good.

Finally discovering no chip manicures...slightly expensive but having no trailer park trash chipped nail polish is worth it.

Completing Sunday's spinning class as it was meant to be finished!

Teacher's report on Joshua's mad academic skills that make up for his sh**ty a** wiping skills. Skid marks don't lie.

Yoga at work this morning and being able to get my exercise in today when I didn't think I would be able to.

Being able to do Yoga for the first time and really enjoy it (and do it right!)

Being 65% to my fundraising goal for the half marathon in January.

The amazing response of former students and their parents upon finding out I am running a half marathon.

4 miles in 4 60 minutes...and that's just walking!

Seeing the AC repair guy from the school district in my classroom today...

Thinking I actually felt cool air in my classroom for the first time in 4 weeks!

That the end of the week is finally here and I get to enjoy it with the ones who mean so much.

What made your list of !!! this week? A little behind on what the !!! is all about? Check out Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom for the scoop on the !!!


  1. I love how you have such a long list of !!!
    Keep looking for those.

    BTW, 4 miles in 4 minutes??? Clarify, please.

  2. 4 miles in 4 minutes??? I meant 1 hour! Why in Heaven's name would I even NEED to be training if I could do that?!!

    Good Lord, I REALLY need to do a better job proof-reading!

  3. Laughing at 4 miles in 4 minutes--wouldn't that be something?

  4. I love the devilish smile, too. LOVE it. I'm a total sucker for it.


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