Thursday, October 14, 2010

S.O.B. and Ho*e: Intentional Happiness for the week of October 15, 2010

Saturday was our city's Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5K Walk. We had a huge group from work, along with family and friends join us in support for this incredible cause. Our team leader, who happens to be Matthew's former Kindergarten teacher, designed logos for shirts and sent them out to everyone on the team.

The logo?

S.O.B.: Save Our Boobs.

Great for women, not so much for preadolescent boys.

So, on the weekend that Grandma came down to visit, before we went wig shopping, we went to the local crafts store to buy plain white t-shirts for the boys and Daddy, iron transfers and a pink t-shirt for me. I decided against wearing the S.O.B. logo and wanted to stand out among my guys. I found a really cute iron on transfer for my shirt. I would really stand out among my Team Grandma group.

Of course, fast forward several weeks and the bag with all the t-shirt supplies was STILL sitting on my dining room table, untouched. Until the night before. And then I wonder from whom my son inherited procrastination from? Just sayin'...

Well, let's just say that after two, rather full, glasses of wine, creating an iron on transfer becomes a little challenging. Especially when you can't figure out how to flip the words so that they appear correctly when transferred with said iron.

After an hour and a slew of profanities, I had four iron on transfers for the guys shirts.

Onward to the iron, soldiers.

Three boys shirts with Team Grandma? Check.

One men's shirt with Team Grandma? Check.

On to Mommy's super cute standout t-shirt.

Attention getting?

You bet.

Feast your eyes on this beauty!

Apparently, even if you follow the ironing directions CAREFULLY, when you have partaken of libations on the eve of the occasion and have procrastinated until you can't any longer, you lose the P and become a ho*e.

Needless to say, there was no fixing it with Elmer's Glue. Or a pink ribbon. Because it would still read ho*e, with a pink ribbon in the middle.

So, I decided that S.O.B. was a better alternative than ho*e. And I decided this rather quickly the morning of the walk.

Regardless, it was a lovely day. The weather was perfect. My sister and nieces were there for support.

And my boys and I walked for a very important lady in our lives.

SOB and Hope.

I may have lost the P in ironing.

But I doubt that I will ever lose the P for perspective.

And you ALWAYS need that in order to have HOPE.

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  1. Giggling at the ho*e shirt. I'd probably wear it!

  2. I am so uncrafty that your t-shirt looks perfect to me. :)

    Ho*e you have a great weekend!


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