Thursday, November 4, 2010

How getting sick can bring you Intentional Happiness...

As many of you know, I have been out of whack this week. Apparently, the crud that I had been fighting off finally kicked my ass this past weekend and made me take a serious timeout. However, I am a firm believer in a silver lining in every cloud, regardless of how congested and feverish it may be.

Here is a brief synopsis of how getting sick can bring on Intentional Happiness:

1. Finally admitting you are sick is very liberating, and limiting. It immediately invokes a "stay away from Mom" mode amongst your older children, who have had vast experience with sick doctor's visits. Translation: Your kids stay away...Mom gets some quiet.  Maybe.

2. While you are sick, you should not engage in strenuous physical activity.
Translation: Don't run, don't clean, don't fold laundry, don't go grocery shopping. Assisted handstands in Yoga are optional, however.

3. Hubby automatically goes into Emergency Drive. Meaning he makes all kinds of efforts to help or take over tasks so your downtime is minimal.
Translation: Hubby is scared crapless. He will sell his soul to not have to take over all Mom operations for an extended period of time.

4. You must rest, because if you don't, you get worse. This, however, does not mean you actually take off from work, because, really, what teacher takes off on a Teacher Planning Day?
Translation: If you have to take off from work, do it on a day on which you have no special areas.

5. Sometimes, you need medication to help alleviate the symptoms of a particularly nasty cold.
Translation: Nyquil is a wonder drug. Comatose sleep for the weary body and mind. Drug induced sleep + tired, sick mom= fuzzy headed but rested mom tomorrow.

6. Soup cures all that ails you.
Translation: Soup=yummy goodness and a full tummy.

7. Your friends and coworkers are sympathetic to your cold and offer messages of getting well soon. Translation: Your friends and coworkers want no part of your crud. They want you to get better so that you don't spread the yuck around anymore.

As you can see, the crud has helped me realize that while you may be down, you are not necessarily out.

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  1. Fie on the crud!! I hope you got some rest so that husband no longer has to run, terror-stricken, through the house (evil cackle).

  2. I love this take on sickness. I have to admit, sometimes when I get just a little too stressed, I start wishing for a cold, just for the excuse to stay home and watch movies!


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