Friday, April 27, 2012

Five for Five: Listening

Listening to your three rambunctious children

shouting their goodnight's and love you's,

whispering in bed instead of sleeping,

the sounds of their cascading giggles,

is a beautiful lullaby for mothers,

and one I would not trade

for any golden treasure on Earth.


  1. This reminds me of sleepovers. I just love listening to my kids giggling and plotting with their little friends!

  2. Ah, those naughty little whispers in the night. Golden.

  3. When my girls would do this and I would feign irritation at their not yet being asleep, I would ask the old standby "Do you want me to come in there?" Silly girls didn't know they weren't supposed to say yes.

  4. I love those whispers. Brother-love rocks.

  5. Love those giggles and whispers. :)

  6. Sometimes I listen In and catch a snippet of more than just giggles. When they are tired and vulnerable and oak with sharing their love for each other. These are the sweetest moments. Brothers!!


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