Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heart's Focus

After sixteen years, what was fuzzy

is now clear, without question, unmistakable.

The life we have built together.

Our solid commitment to each other,

the upkeep of our family garden;

the weeding out of what's damaging,

the cultivating of memories that flourish

within our minds, hearts and souls.

You are my heart's sharp lens.

You focus me on the importance

of the legacy we will leave

for the magnificent men they will become.

The lens in which I always

look through to gauge the truth

resides within my ever faithful heart.

And only you hold the key.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

True to myself

Aways armed with my moral compass,

I stand here; in the moment.

True to myself, to my heart.

And that is all I need.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The story of us...

Our story: a work in progress.

Once upon a time, long ago.

In the here and now: nonfiction.

A new chapter with every morning.

Happily ever after, befitting of us.

December 2010: 15 years later, the story is getting more interesting...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saving myself…

Once upon a time, long ago,

a little girl grew up with

poverty and sadness; a dizzying combination.

She promised herself an ever after

that included copious amounts of happiness

and never having to worry about

how to pay your doctor’s bills.

She worked hard, found Prince Charming,

and her happily ever after that

included a roof over her head,

food on the table, bills paid.

Saving for rainy days became something

that would guarantee a safety net

in case the dream was broken.

When her children arrived, she realized

that saving for rainy days now

meant providing a net for them.

Saving for rainy days today means

putting a little extra money away

to help with surprises: good, bad.

But more importantly, to help me

get myself through those tumultuous days,

my heart’s snapshots always remind me

that the greatest fortune to save

is the love of your family.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Better half...

In the wee hours, impending adversity.

You held my hand, silently praying

for the impossible miracle that came.

Your warm lips on my forehead

were all the strength I needed.

Then and now. Always and forever.

You. My rock. My love. Evermore.

The only one I see across

a crowded room of friends, strangers.

The one who still makes me

catch my breath, still my heart.

In the moments of inevitable weakness,

your strong hands lift me above

whatever clouds my mind, heart, soul.

In the moments of incessant insanity

that life with three boys brings,

our eyes meet, knowing that life;

our life, is full. Of love. Of joy.

Our life: perfect in its imperfection.

Twenty years have not clouded us.

Marriage, parenthood: challenges to strengthen us..

You. The perfection in my imperfection.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sounds of healing...

The blood pressure monitor whirs,

the life-giving oxygen machine hums.

Outside, nurses rush to and fro

caring for so many, including Mom.

Over so many years, different hospitals,

different patients, different diagnosis, same fear.

Seeing your parent become frail, sick,

never gets easier, just less unexpected.

The silence of healing: miraculous, incredible,

is a welcomed sound, however temporary.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


On days filled with endless chatter,

I long for silence, quiet , peace.

Barraging giggles, loud whispers, conspiratory voices

easily overwhelm the balance within me.

Deep within, my inner voice questions

if I will readily, willingly embrace

the eventual silence that will come

when my nest is empty, silent.

Then I remember, "I chose this."

This haphazardly controlled chaos of life

that this mom with three boys

lives, balances, treasures and fights against,

is something she chose willingly, wholeheartedly

when her heart and soul were quiet

and not yet full of joy.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peace within...

The one thing we long for,

we must have to give freely.

It's forms: intricately designed and distinct.

It descends in moments of despair,

enveloping you, lifting you, sustaining you.

It permeates in moments of joy,

deepening the moment; strengthening faith, hope.

How often have prayed for it:

how quickly it has been granted.

It has been my armor, strength

in all that I have endured.

In the moments of quiet meditation

I pray that I can be

an instrument of peace to those

who look for strength, hope, sustenance;

and that the peace I find within

is always there, given freely, abundantly.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why not...

Do things on a whim.

Practice random acts of kindness today.

Run an extra mile, just because.

Smile at someone who needs it.

Give a compliment and mean it.

Be kind to someone who's rude.

Act silly, like your shoe size.

Indulge in something, just for you.

Unload an anxiety that cripples you.

Replace it with something joyful, empowering.

Drown a sorrow, float with hope.

Do what you would do if

today was your very last day.

It's not too late to change.

Why not start right this second?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to... try to have fun (in spite of the kids)

Book a weekend alone, plan outings.

Pack your bags, kiss the kids.

Say goodbye. Wave. Peel rubber, baby!

Make your way to your destination.

Toast your good fortune, your escape.

Beach, restaurants, big plans: movies, dancing.

Reality? These two "fun" people's plans?

Fizzled out with the evening's twilight.

The culprits? Not the usual suspects.

No little boys and their antics...

Too much sun, too many cocktails,

Super early bird dinners sans children,

Make for sleeping parents at 9:00 p.m.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fast. Slow. In-between.

My feet pounding on the asphalt.

Breath comes heavy, sweat cleansing me.

Keeping the beat of my soundtrack.

Pushing, hoping for better time.

Deadlines looming, obstacles to overcome daily.

The clock ticks ever so slowly.

Eyes glance continuously, disappointment looms.

It could not possibly go slower.

But somewhere in between the hoping

for better pace, for warp speed

on the slowest of some day,

I know I cannot control time.

Every day, knowledge of time's passing,

gnaws at my heart, mind, soul.

I pray for time to slow,

for more time, a slower pace:

to enjoy these boys who grow

at warp speed, heart aching pace.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Connect five...

On the days that end in "y":

Opportunities missed to strengthen our bonds.

Work, school, homework, dinner, bath, bed.

Rinse. Repeat. Days end with "Why?"

Why is there so much crammed

into these 24 hour periods?

Days flow into one another, unrecognizable.

On a day that ended in "y,"

an opened envelope beckoned, invited

a chance, a glimmer, an opportunity,

to connect five people who live

rushing on days ending in "y".

A free meal, a wonderful cause;

helped connect our party of five;

end our day with knowledge that

days that end in "y" can be

as magical as days that begin

with "S", even as summer ends.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another move...

Another fall. Another phone call. Worry.

Another set of plans gone awry.

Another chance to do what's right.

Another mess to efficiently clean up.

A house to box up, sell.

Another move to a new place,

to start over at the end.

Dismantling and rearranging lives already lived

never gets any easier; less heartbreaking.

And yet, when given the options,

moving, starting over at the end

is better than hearing, "They're gone."

Because of love, the move's orchestrated,

the worries lessen a bit more.

Others care and monitor, feed, bathe.

And all that's left to do

is love until the last move.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exchanges: Summer vs. Fall

Summer requirements include: flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen

Cheesy novel, rigorous exercise, extensive meals.

Easy days, lazy nights, no schedule.

No shoes, no shirts, no problem.

Fast forward to August; exchanges required.

Fall requirements include: school uniforms, supplies

Required reading, no exercise, quick meals.

Hard days, harder nights, rigorous schedules.

High heels, ironed shirts, countless assignments.

New challenges, new opportunities, new beginnings.

Sometimes, exchanges aren't all that bad...

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


An eight mile run, with humidity.

Three big boys, all potty trained.

Being married to my best friend.

Caring for my uncle, after Mom.

Getting on an airplane, despite fear.

Strapping in for this rollercoaster: Life,

Holding on, letting go, screaming along,

Eyes wide open, hands in air.

Sometimes, the things stamped DIFFICULT,

are the ones that are EASY.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unexpected Joy

Piles of boxes have surrounded me

All summer long, in many forms.

Ten long weeks. Five longer days...

Checklists miles long, endless errands run.

Time shrinking away as I prepare:

my mind, my home, my room;

for a new crop of brains, smiles.

The greatest unexpected joy this week:

mountains of empty boxes, abandoned outside

the gleaming neatness of my classroom.

Tasks accomplished, tools ready, tasks completed:

my mind, my home, my room;

awaiting my new students with joy,

with unexpected ease, speed and enthusiasm,

even after seventeen years of unpacking!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motherhood: Trial and Error

Do this, with one child: success.

Try that, with another: epic fail.

Improvisation with child three: inevitable split.

Mothering is a series of experiments,

Some great, some small, some crazy.

But all carefully cultivated with love.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Speak, be heard...

Speak your truth,

every single day.

Live your life,

heart in hand.

Love out loud,

while you can.

Silence harsh words.

Let your heart's

true voice speak

volumes of you.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Skinny, braided pigtails, adorned with ribbons.

Golden curly halo, crowning mischievous eyes.

Resounding choruses of pealing laughter, echoing.

Life gave me three lively boys.

My sister gave me two nieces.

Two beloved little cherubs to adore,

Two precious examples of girly sweetness.

Two girls, three boys, five cousins.

How could life be any sweeter?

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love's Threads

Love's taken many forms for me:

My little sister's hand in mine,

her adult shoulder to cry on.

A handsome, green eyed young man

who now likes to disguise himself

as a nearing middle-age, graying father.

Three newborn baby boys, so tiny;

now parade as strapping young men.

I've caught a glimpse of Love,

it's ever changing forms and stories.

And I am grateful for how

Love's silken threads have carefully embroidered

the tapestry of this: my life.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well Paid, Infinitely Wealthy

Job description notes endless days, nights.

Dirty faces and behinds, whining, complaining.

Rumbling, hungry tummies to be filled.

Injustices to be righted with conviction.

Armed with Mommy's Childrearing Playbook,

tasks are rarely completed as desired.

On days I need it most,

payday is an unimaginable windfall.

Currency: Hugs, kisses, squeals and smiles.

It makes "All About the Benjamin's"

turn an envious shade of green.

I doubt millionaires are this rich.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crossing the finish line

It all started with a dare.

Endless training: early mornings, late nights.

Calloused feet, sore legs, rickety knees.

Questions, answers, gear, fuel, hot showers.

One cold January morning, I waited.

Nervous, anxious to start, heart pumping.

The gun, the rush, the race.

My face greeted by cold air,

my feet effortlessly doing what I

could never do as a child.

My boys waiting at Mile Ten,

cameras in hand, tears flooding me,

the end so very near now.

As the sound of pounding drums

greeted my last turn, I rejoiced.

I caught my breathe, geared up

and made my legs go faster.

Thirty-seven years. Six months. Three hours.

The sight of that finish line

is something I will never forget.

I will never underestimate myself again.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Triple Dog Dare you

Dare to dream of a life

that leaves you inspired, loved, fulfilled.

Dare to live your one life

so others are inspired, loved, fulfilled.

Everyone knows that Triple Dog Dares

may leave you flustered, frozen, stuck.

But the tradeoffs? Stories, laughs, bragging-rights!

What a daring way to live!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

If things had been different...

If we had not met then,

would we have this wondrous life?

Would fate have intervened; righted wrongs?

Set us back onto the path

that led us to one another?

Would I still marvel at us?

Look at your smiling, unchanging face,

and still see you at seventeen,

rather than the crinkles that outline

the storming ocean-colored eyes I love?

Would we have these three boys,

that exhaust our energies, rejuvenate us;

remind of us promises made, kept?

If we had taken different paths,

would they have met here, right now?

Would we know how love's perseverance

has lined every day, every year?

And how truly fortunate we are,

that our "what if's" are reality;

the stuff dreams are made of.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kind of odd query...

What kind of person am I?

A person who accommodates others incessantly?

Or is an agonizing push over?

A person who is eternally optimistic?

Or one who masks her sadness?

A person who can overcome anything,

but feels so ridiculously overwhelmed lately?

Maybe I am a kind of challenge,

one who is, who can be...

A labyrinth of ideas, of potential,

full of flaws, motivated to change.

A person conflicted, but somehow fulfilled.

And is kind of at peace

with being at odds with myself.

In the end, aren't we all

kind of a juxtaposition of ideas?

Aren't we more beguiling that way?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jumping back in...

It has been a while since I was faithful to this blog. It seems that the pressures of motherhood, work and family responsibilities have swallowed up whatever energy, inspiration or ability to write these past few months. I have felt a constant struggle to force myself to sit and write, yet, what would be the point if what was out there was crap.

The last day of school was last Thursday. Life has not slowed down. But enough is enough. I have all but abandoned writing. And it's not fair.

But the writing isn't the only thing I abandoned.

Five years ago, I decided to face my greatest fear: learning to swim. My two older boys were learning how to swim. Andrew thought it was the most unfair thing in the whole world, especially since his mom didn't know how to swim. At 33 years old. With two kids. So the sass of my son made me get out of my comfort zone and learn. For a while. Until I got pregnant with Joshua and found my out.

My parents never thought my sister and I really needed to learn. Neither one of them were strong swimmers. For a short time, when I was about 3 or 4, my mother would let me go with an older neighbor to his neighbor's pool. I was terrified, but eventually, I looked forward to going. Until he got sick and eventually succumbed to lung cancer. My sister was the daredevil. When our next door neighbors finally had completed their pool, Angie got on the slide, and just began to swim. She was a fish.

When I had my boys, I was always fearful of them being in the water. Because deep down inside, I knew that if they were in distress, I would not be able to save them. They fought me on those swimming lessons. I stood my ground. They are excellent swimmers and now take lessons to improve their endurance and strokes.

Now, I am not learning to swim because my children need me to. Now, I am learning for me. Because it's about time. I am 38 years old. It's time to jump back in.

There are no more excuses.

I have run two half marathons in the last six months. I teach. I have dealt with a wide range of fail issues and caring for elderly family members. I have THREE boys, dagnamit. I can do this.

So yesterday, after dropping the older boys at their tennis lesson, I got back in the pool with an instructor. All decked out in my swimmer's cap (just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I have to have bad hair at the end of the summer), surrounded by toddlers learning to swim with another instructor.

Much like last time, there are two other ladies learning to swim with me. We smile at each other, encourage each other, talk about other challenges we have overcome in between learning how to breathe and kick underwater. There is a certain camaraderie in knowing that you are not alone.

Yesterday was not as hard as five years ago. My memory of almost drowning sixteen years ago seems far away, a lifetime ago. That scared girl cannot live within the body of this woman who has overcome so much.

Yesterday, I put my head under the water, and clenched my eyes, fumbling towards the surface to breathe, terrified as I opened my eyes as I surfaced, gasped, went back down.

Yesterday, as the instructor stood in the pool, coaxing what he knew I could do, I caught a glimpse of Joshua, standing near the pool, looking at me. As I looked at my son, I saw my husband. I was surprised, as I thought he would not be home until after the 30 minute lesson, in time to pick up Matt and Andrew from tennis 30 minutes later. He sat, watching me overcome my fear.

Yesterday, when I slid underwater, I opened my eyes and saw the clarity of the water. I turned my head, took in air, and stuck my head back under. I felt my body glide, arms rotating, legs kicking. When I reached the wall, I saw my son's smiling face and knew I was back.

Have you ever had a fear that seemed insurmountable? Were you able to overcome it? How do you cope with it?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am one in a family.

A family of severely myopic people.

The glasses sit upon my nose;

they've been there over thirty years.

They make the blobs of faraway

become beloved people, places I recognize.

The pair of glasses I most covet

are the ones that would focus

the unrecognizable, unknown days of tomorrow.

I wonder when those mysterious images

will become clear in my own heart.

I wonder how I will move

past the yesterday, through the today,

into that still fuzzy, undefined tomorrow.

Will the family curse of nearsightedness

keep me from looking ahead, anticipating;

from looking back, treasuring while reminiscing?

And will I need my glasses

to see what my heart sees

so clearly today? I hope not.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joy: Summer Edition

Sunny days are almost here again.

No schedule to keep us hostage.

No shoes, no watch, no worries.

Just add water, sun , three boys.

Joy is just around the corner.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Promises kept...

In spite of the remarkable odds,

they tenaciously overcame all the obstacles.

They let themselves be cheered on,

taught to succeed, groomed for greatness.

They learned, practiced. They whined, complained.

We celebrated small victories, smoothed bumps

that lined the long road ahead.

In the background, silent prayers whispered;

parents and teachers inviting triumph in.

Today, the news your teacher awaited

finally arrived. Congratulations received, knowledge confirmed;

to know how far you've come;

to know how far you'll go.

You promised to do your best.

I promised to bear witness all year

to growth: physical, emotional, spiritual, academic.

A promise worth keeping, working towards.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I didn't do anything..."

When that phrase is the first thing you hear, and it is often accompanied by an increasing decibel-ed wail, nothing good can follow.

If you really think about it, they did do something. Actually, lots of some things.

Like make you a mom.

They make you wonder if you are losing your mind on a daily basis.

They challenge you to be the kind of person they already think you are.

They force you to challenge yourself, try new things, just to be an example that puts their money where their mouth is.

They provide you with ample opportunity to stretch your physical limitations on a daily basis, sometimes, even down to an hourly basis. You never knew how strong you were, how much endurance you had until you had a kid. Double that with each additional offspring borne by you.

They make you question every manufacturer, teacher, assignment, food, additive, vaccination, decision you have ever made or are going to make. They make you think twice before ingesting your favorite sanity food (or drink), wondering how it will affect your longevity/health and their well-being.

They make you reprioritize, whether you want to or not. You just can't do the stuff you want to, even when you want to, 'cause you've got them. Everything is colored with the responsibility of their existence; their well-being.

And even though there are days when you feel like you can go no further, that you would gladly walk out and never return, you are a better person because of them.

When those words are uttered in my house, they often bring me a tremor or two (or three) of fear.  But mostly, I am grateful.  Mostly.

So, keep thinking you didn't do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

And hopefully, one day, when you hear those words from your brawling kids, you will have to smile to yourself before putting your game face on, and know what makes my heart keeping beating happily.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


At first glance, it may seem

that the life I lead today

is the one I've always lived.

The moments that caused many tears

are those that now gleam beautifully.

Those charms on my life's bracelet

are the ones I can talk about

and measure how far I've come

from those days of endless sadness.

Those charms on my bracelet gleam,

cleansed from ever being overlooked, disregarded.

My love, my boys, my family.

These exquisite charms; priceless, delicate, breath-taking,

always make me feel as though

this is the enchanted, wonderful life

I was always meant to live.

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