Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unexpected Joy

Piles of boxes have surrounded me

All summer long, in many forms.

Ten long weeks. Five longer days...

Checklists miles long, endless errands run.

Time shrinking away as I prepare:

my mind, my home, my room;

for a new crop of brains, smiles.

The greatest unexpected joy this week:

mountains of empty boxes, abandoned outside

the gleaming neatness of my classroom.

Tasks accomplished, tools ready, tasks completed:

my mind, my home, my room;

awaiting my new students with joy,

with unexpected ease, speed and enthusiasm,

even after seventeen years of unpacking!

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  1. What a lucky crop of brains and smiles! This communicates so much enthusiasm and love for what you do!!

  2. may your students share your enthusiasm!
    the start of a school year
    i am preparing for mine, too.

  3. You do sound excited about what is ahead of you. I hope the kids do prove to bring you endless smiles as they learn new things.

  4. To another year! Have fun unpacking :)

  5. Not ready for school to start up again. Except I am.

  6. Unpacked boxes are highly satisfying! Hooray!
    Tools in order, fresh supplies waiting:
    I do love that about September.

  7. Yay to another year of learning and fun for your students! :)


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