Friday, February 18, 2011


There are days I catch myself

wondering if there are enough words,

enough thoughts, enough determination and discipline.

There are days when I wonder

if there is a novel lurking

deep within my mind and heart;

if I have enough courage, talent

to actually sit down, write it.

My thoughts get too far off.

I am brought back to reality

by the melodious, mischievous, boyish laughter

of my three works in progress,

and I stand in awe that

I have co-authored these first chapters

of what is sure to be

the three amazing life stories of

my three, most beloved, inspiring sons.

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  1. Three works in progress: endless possibility.

  2. I bet their plots are unpredictable!

  3. They are our greatest creations.
    I certainly understand the doubts about having the discipline to write a novel.

  4. Beautiful! I never thought about parenting in such context but it's so true!


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