Friday, February 11, 2011


It seems I live my life

in a series of moments that

are reluctantly, inevitably, "seconds from..." something.

The next catastrophe, or great accomplishment.

The next moment of infinite joy.

The passing of debilitating self insecurities.

The mothering moments in which I

could very easily lose my mind.

But the happiest hours I spend

are always with all my boys.

Regardless of how endless it seems

these hours seem to be disguised.

They unavoidably pass as fleeting seconds

within my ever watchful, timekeeping heart...

Got a second?  Want seconds?  Visit Melissa at Making Things Up for this week's Six Word Friday!


  1. Its so true.
    My boys are going away for the weekend and I already miss them

  2. Funny, this is the second “Six Word Fridays” poem to remind me of a quote I saw recently. In this case, one I posted on my own site just yesterday. I guess we all struggle sometimes with appreciating the everyday moments that make up our lives.

    “It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.” -- Barbara Kingsolver

  3. Yes, I often find myself anticipating the "next" and not focusing on the Now.

  4. That last line made me a little teary. So true.

  5. It's funny, and yet not so, that the days and years can seem like fleeting seconds. To hold the moments close, every second, if only.

  6. time has a way of escaping. treasure those seconds in the now. :)

  7. That last line, I love it!

    I want to be all about THIS moment, but yep, I'm always seconds away from something, or else I'll do that something "in just a second..."

  8. "timekeeping heart" - perfect!

    When I'm driving home from work I am counting the seconds until I get home to DD. And even when she is in a terrible mood (oh those tantrums!), I'd rather be where she is than anywhere else.

  9. Yes - the seconds seem to disappear when my mind and body are fully engaged in the act of loving, whether it's my children, my husband, or my life.


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