Friday, June 18, 2010

The man in my life...

Although I am surrounded and drowning in the amount of testosterone that permeates my home, there is one guy in particular that still floats my boat. And today is his birthday.

On the year he was born, he was a belated Father's Day present to my dear father in law. It should have been a sign that he is rarely on time, but always where he is supposed to be.

My love had a particularly stressful day today. As is typical in South Florida, it is pouring rain. He made a mad dash for take-out, we will settle in for the evening, just he and I, and the gloriously rambunctious boys we have brought into this world.

With the help of a couple of cocktails and delicious food, the cares of the world will hopefully melt away. We will concentrate on the magnificent twenty birthdays we have shared together, alone and with our crowd.

Later on this weekend, we will share in celebrating the marvelous man who provides so much love to our boys. Who is an exemplary father, a splendid granddaddy, and just about the nicest man I know, aside from the son I married and his equally wonderful sibling. We will miss those who cannot be with us, due to distance or passages.

I wish everyone a wonderful Father's Day with the men who made us mothers and bring us so much joy and laughter on a daily basis.


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby, Maria! It is a great time to appreciate the great dads in our lives. We have a few surprises up our sleeves for my husband on Sunday too!


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