Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting busy (in search of knock offs)

This weekend was the weekend. Older two boys at Grandma and Granddaddy's.

Mommy and Daddy getting busy...

...getting rooms cleared out, furniture moved, rearranged, purchased, lugged home and assembled.

All to surprise the boys that rock our world.

But of course, we hit road bumps. Like damaged, still in the package sofas. Discard collecting agencies that don't collect furniture or do collect furniture but aren't open.

Other, more mundane road bumps: neck pain, back pain, furniture dropped on toes, cuts, bruises, strained arms and legs...all kinds of shizz.

After all is said and done, rearranged and assembled, comes the decorating. For boys. Whose idea of decorating is hand drawn Quidditch fields in frames. Seriously. (And for those of you scratching your heads at Quidditch, it is Harry Potter's signature sport, which does not exist for Muggles, who are non magical people...)

Mom wants to rebel and turn at least one little corner of her world into a snapshot of a Pottery Barn catalog. Except, I haven't lost my mind yet. Seriously, $80, clearance price, for a fabulous surfboard shaped corkboard? Seriously.

Where is the Pottery Barn knock off, people? Every store on Earth has a knock off, no?

Which got me thinking...movers and decorators are not necessarily an overpriced luxury.

People with kids and bad backs (because of the kids) need their services.

If only they had knock offs....Oh wait, that's what we are, aren't we?


  1. Any photos of your hard work? What did they think?

    Also, if you find the Pottery Barn knock-off, let me know. We ran out of money before we could finish decorating our house, so we could really, REALLY use a store like that!

  2. I agree! I'm all about photos! You should definitely share ;)

  3. I always find what I love, then think of a way to do it more cheaply, and more cheaply, until I have my budget version of whatever the high priced item was! I've found a little goes a long way with kids (boys are so easily thrilled with "awesome bedrooms!") and then they grow and you have to do it over again anyway...

    I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

  4. You're WAY ahead of me. We moved my son into his own room last AUGUST and he still has beach towels as curtains. So. Please keep sharing your wisdom. Clearly I could benefit.

  5. Okay, don't be mad, but we've got the Pottery Barn surfboard corkboard. I'd like to think we did not pay anywhere near $80, but truth be told, it was for Ben's in, FIRST CHILD, maybe (insert sheepish shoulder shrug here).


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