Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Watching paint dry...

Do you remember being in school?

Do you remember the breathless anticipation of the end of the school year?

Do you remember how the clock would not move?

Welcome to my day today. A day of endless waiting. A day of the clock remaining stuck at the same time, the whole day.

And if it was painful for my students, it was excruciating for me. Because in that endless waiting for the hands of the clock to move, I was also waiting for documents, lists of instructions, a hurry up and wait kind of situation that did nothing to help pass the time.

And the only thing that would have helped would have been to have had that endless list of tasks to be completed. It would have kept me busy.

Too busy to constantly check the clock.

Too busy to be reminded of how painfully boring it is to sit and watch a clock.

Or to watch paint dry.


  1. ugh....i have 7 flippin' more days before our district is out for the summer. it's killer. and since i'm being transferred for next year, i don't have flip to do right now.

  2. Oh I do remember those days! Looking outside. Watching the sun shining on the playground. Knowing the sprinkler was waiting for me at home. Camp was around the corner. I can't imagine what it's like for the teachers! So you're done with school now? Congrats if so!!!

  3. I remember the anticipation of summer very well, Maria. Of course, it was a little more exciting in Chicago than in Arizona, where it's burning hot all summer! But still.

  4. Sweet Jesus! It's finally here! Can't wait! It's funny how we felt like that as kids and now as teachers we still feel the same. Tick..tock...


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