Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our version of the cloud's silver lining...

Our morning began with the same hectic mess that each week day brings...the continuing snoozing of the alarm clock, the frantic rush to clothe, feed and transport three children to three different destinations...if we are lucky, we dress in somewhat coordinating colors, down vitamins and coffee ('cause you know we need any and every chance to gain some momentum), grab something to eat on our way and we are off to join the rest of the rats.

This morning, John had an early meeting and left earlier than usual to drop Joshua at school. John turned at his usual intersection and got pulled over; THREE tickets, people! For a man so cautious, he is like a man walking a tightrope over thin ice...He calls me. He NEVER calls me. To tell me of what had happened...When I breathed a sigh of relief that it was JUST three tickets, he delivers the line that cracks me up. "Maria, the whole time I am waiting at the light, Joshua is screaming his head off because the sun was in his eyes. I turned, I got pulled over, and he is still screaming because the sun is REALLY in his eyes now. But as the cop is writing up the tickets, he was trying to get out of his car seat, and had managed to get himself part way out, still screaming his head off." He chuckles, then says, "The whole time, I was watching him through the rear view mirror, praying that the cop wouldn't notice what he had done and written me yet another ticket for him being out of the car seat. I guess I got lucky!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I married this man. Because he is the only person on Earth who would be grateful for ONLY getting three tickets! And that he would call me to tell me the hidden punch line!

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  1. It's a wonderful story on so many levels. Having children is so much work and it can be very frustrating. It can keep parents with perpetually frayed nerves so that become snappish with their kids. That didn't happen with Joshua, which says a lot for your husband. You're still the first person he wants to call, and that speaks volumes about your relationship. The fact that he was thrilled about ONLY three tickets says he hasn't lost his perspective. The best part is that you shared all of those things with him; none of your responses were negative. Three tickets you say???? You didn't buckle Joshua into his car seat correctly???? He knows you're a safe place.

    You've got a groovy thing going:-)


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