Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid's got a sense of humor...

Valentine's Day is for single people. How do I know?

People who go out to dinner, buy and wrap gifts, fill out cards and plan evening lingerie have the luxury of time. They have illusions. They do not have children.

People with children plan Valentine's home. They do their shopping ahead of time, because the thought of taking your children shopping for food on Valentine's Day can send you to an early grave.

People with children scribble their Valentine's Day card to their significant others 5 minutes before they give it to them. They buy their practical Valentine's Day gifts along with the week's supply of toilet paper and milk.

They don't bother with lingerie for the evening, fully knowing that the only action that will happen is if the three year old has a nightmare and comes to the bed of his comatose parents.

I tried pre-planning. I tried celebrating ahead of time. But my kids tennis coach decided that she would cancel LAST week's classes versus this week's. Ever tried making a "nice" dinner when the crew is eating in shifts and you are picking up and dropping off children in cycles?

My plans went to hell in a hand basket. I forgot the orzo. I had to go to the store, twice, with my children.  I nearly got run over by a three hundred pound woman who had a fierce look on her face as she was barreling down the incredibly narrow aisles in the gourmet market. Enough said.

I overcooked my green peppers and onions. My husband said my dinner was "pretty good" as he picked out the kalamata olives from the orzo.

My class brought me my own weight in chocolate today as gifts.

I threw out my back two days ago.

I am so tired I want to cry.

Cupid's a lying hound...but he did bring pretty flowers, yesterday.

And I managed to fight a couple of women in the bakery department for the last two cannoli.

Hubby did pour the good wine while I whined about my afternoon.

And I got the most beautiful Valentine, ever...


  1. oh, i totally hear you on this one! eating in shifts in between picking up and dropping off!

    visiting you from SITS! Happy Tuesday morning!

  2. ha...cupid is a lying hound...but that sweet valentine made by little starfish hands beats cupid down to the ground. just visiting from sits...blessings,

    stuff and nonsense

  3. I keep telling you...skip the orzo and just hole up in the bedroom with a cheap bottle of something good.

  4. Hahahahaha, amen! I found your blog at Destination: Happy :) Just thought I'd stop and say a big A-M-E-N to this post, cause it couldn't be more true!


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