Friday, February 25, 2011

Well: I am getting there

For years, I lied to myself
believing that acting well enough was
surely as good as being well.
But acting is not good enough.
Now, being well is better; necessary.
Much like a well, I have
gone deep to find the good
that was always within me; unfulfilled.
That change has come about with
sacrifice, heartache; for me, for us.
When I am with you, love,
my heart is a bottomless well
of passion, of gratitude, of abandon.
Because of in spite of me,
with you, I'm better than well.
With you, I can be me; authentically.

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  1. partnership can make us work harder
    at living well and being well.
    i couldn't agree with you more!

  2. So beautiful. Looking deep within and bringing about change are always a wonderful process that brings us new light and love. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel much the same way. Beautiful.

  4. authenticity is where it's at! I struggle with that, too.

  5. Awesome! The best way to be "well" is certainly to be authentically yourself.

  6. Going well-deep: good for you.
    It's hard to plumb the depths.

  7. To be your authentic self - what a relief! I know the feeling well. (pun intended) :)


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