Friday, February 4, 2011

Summing it up...

Surely, the greatest joy of motherhood,
And the one that I can't ever
seem to get quite enough of.
Whenever I hear my boys laugh,
I'm reminded I needed to hear
that music that makes life complete.
And often wonder how they know
That's exactly what I was thinking...

Want to find out what Six Word Fridays are all about? Melissa at Making Things Up sums it up!


  1. Laughter is sooo important! My kids and I were watching a movie the other day and I noticed that the mom never really smiled. She always looked tense. So I asked my kids if I was like that and they said no because I laugh so much. I liked that response.

  2. yes, their laughter is groovy.

  3. I always wonder what they're thinking.
    As long as they're laughing: gooood. :)

  4. Yes, a child's laugh is the best!


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