Friday, June 1, 2012


July 2002:  Matthew, age twenty months.

 Beyond anything the human mind comprehends,
Further than any great distance covered,
I awake each morning: rise, prepare
for another exhausting day of mothering.
June 2004:  Andrew, age fourteen months. 
And yet, without reservations, without hesitation,
I would (and) do it all,
again and again; day in, out
for all the millions of reasons
every other mother does what's necessary.

October 2008:  Joshua, age eighteen months. 
Our relentless love for our children,
and the light in their eyes,
as they experience a precious moment.
That light goes against all reason...

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  1. Those are the cutest pics EVER

  2. These photos...and the kids themselves!!...are adorable! And, yes, what we do as moms is often beyond reason!!! Then comes that reward, that moment...and you are SO RIGHT! We start right over and do it again!

  3. Oh so cute! And yep, I would do it all again and again, reasonable or no. :)


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