Friday, April 29, 2011


Last to sit down to eat.

Last to lay down and sleep.

Last on the to-do list.

Because this too shall pass, unexpectedly.

They will grow, leave the nest.

And I will no longer be

the last one on the list.

So I will savor being last;

the last to tuck them in,

the last to kiss them goodnight.

The last to see them peacefully sleeping,

as I sneak one last glimpse.

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  1. So tender, and a great expression of holding on to the perspective we need when it all seems hard. As one with children having left/leaving the nest, I can say enjoy every last tuck in and kiss!!

  2. You described my life perfectly too!
    Thank you for the important reminder :)

  3. I love that first line. It sets the tone so well! But, I really appreciate the positive spin you put on it. These days we have with them are a blessing!

  4. Maternal love that's lasting. Beautiful.

    Having only one affords me the luxury of sneaking many last glances as he sleeps.

  5. Maria,

    This poem is enchanting! You really made me feel the love you have for your boys. I like it - a lot.


  6. I can hardly imagine it, yet...
    I know you're right. Too soon!

  7. Maria, you are getting better and better every post! WOW! This was so well written, poignant, sweet, capturing every bit. Love it.

  8. We get the worst jobs of the parenting deal, but the trade off is we get the best parts, too. Nice!

  9. Maria - yes last but somehow the joys of parenthood makes it feel like first. :)


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