Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yesterday's Lessons...

Yesterday, I did not know this:

I am more than the sum

of all my parts. I'm me.

I did not know how quickly

the days pass, one into another,

and how I'd yearn to be

back, reveling in the early days.

I didn't know my own strength,

my own endurance, my own speed.

I did not know I limit myself.

Yesterday, I was lost, map-less, hopeless.

I could not understand, acknowledge, internalize,

the twists and turns that lead

to Today. To a brighter me.

Yesterdays got me here; unscathed, wiser.

And today: tomorrow's yesterday, I am.

What does yesterday mean to you?  Check out Melissa at Making Things Up and Six Word Fridays.


  1. It has been great to watch from the outside, a teeny bit, your growth and changes and bravery over the last year or so.
    I love your last line.

  2. "Yesterdays got me here; unscathed, wiser."

    So much truth to that.

  3. Yes! I took the same spin on my six-word post today. Love it!

  4. I love the last two words! I wish that I could learn that I am more that the sum of my parts. I wish I could learn many of these lessons you have learned!

  5. So well written ~ lots of food for thought. The last two lines pack a good punch!

  6. It's always funny how we don't know what we don't know. At least until after we know it. I really like this post. Appreciating the path that got you here while still looking ahead.

  7. I love this post.
    So much I only appreciate after the fact. And tomorrow I'll realize the same about today.

  8. So pretty, Maria! Very thought-provoking.

  9. I enjoyed your post. Most of us don't realize our own strength until tomorrow :o) I'm glad you have found yours.

  10. I really like the line - "I did not know I limit myself" - but the last line is a powerful affirmation.

    (I'm late with my Six Word Friday rounds this week. ;) )


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