Thursday, May 19, 2011


At first glance, it may seem

that the life I lead today

is the one I've always lived.

The moments that caused many tears

are those that now gleam beautifully.

Those charms on my life's bracelet

are the ones I can talk about

and measure how far I've come

from those days of endless sadness.

Those charms on my bracelet gleam,

cleansed from ever being overlooked, disregarded.

My love, my boys, my family.

These exquisite charms; priceless, delicate, breath-taking,

always make me feel as though

this is the enchanted, wonderful life

I was always meant to live.

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  1. beautiful! My daughter handmade my "charm" bracelet for mother's day (and called me charming). I'm thinking about it now :) Life really is wonderful.

  2. Wow, to feel like you live inside an enchanted, wonderful life is really a gift! Good for you!

  3. Such wonderful thoughts on keeping our perspective ~ Remembering what we've come through is so important in helping us appreciate the 'now'!

  4. I love this. Being able to to see how far you've had to come to get where you are...priceless :)

  5. Without that sadness, these charmed days wouldn't be so enchanting and precious. Beautiful tribute to having come so far.

  6. I always love your Six Word Friday posts (why do I never do them? I wonder...) and this one is no exception. And I love my own charm bracelet and the way it tells my story - of who I was and who I am. (I sometimes wonder what my next charm will be...)

    Happy Friday, girl!

  7. I love "Those charms on my life's bracelet" - what a beautiful analogy. My bracelet is jingling and full today too!

  8. There's a history to your charms.
    That's what makes them so precious.


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