Thursday, May 26, 2011

Promises kept...

In spite of the remarkable odds,

they tenaciously overcame all the obstacles.

They let themselves be cheered on,

taught to succeed, groomed for greatness.

They learned, practiced. They whined, complained.

We celebrated small victories, smoothed bumps

that lined the long road ahead.

In the background, silent prayers whispered;

parents and teachers inviting triumph in.

Today, the news your teacher awaited

finally arrived. Congratulations received, knowledge confirmed;

to know how far you've come;

to know how far you'll go.

You promised to do your best.

I promised to bear witness all year

to growth: physical, emotional, spiritual, academic.

A promise worth keeping, working towards.

What are you keeping?  What have you kept?  What's worth keeping?  Check out Melissa at Making Things Up and find out about Six Word Fridays!


  1. to bear witness is the greatest thing, I think. To validate someone and let them know that they are seen is the best gift.

  2. Oh these are special years! Yours are lucky to have you bearing witness!!

  3. Gosh, I'm with 2bdancing and iseeyoulookingatme . . .I loved the bit about bearing witness. It gave me a new sense of honor as a mother. Thanks!

  4. It sounds to me like your students have a lot to be proud of (but I'm notoriously bad at interpreting poetry so please forgive me if I've missed the point!) - and a lot to be thankful for since they have you as a teacher.


  5. keeping your promise to those sweet kids! the degree to which you value your work and the children that have been entrusted to you shines through!

  6. Let me add to your congratulations!
    Staying the course is praiseworthy stuff.
    Well done, all of you! :)

  7. Congratulations to all of you for staying the course!

  8. Yes, inviting triumph in. Love that. Congratulations to your students on a year of growth and success!

  9. "They let themselves be cheered on"

    I love this one. I love the simplicity of it--in words--and the complexity of it--in reality.

    Bravo, Teacher-Mama!


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