Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joy: Summer Edition

Sunny days are almost here again.

No schedule to keep us hostage.

No shoes, no watch, no worries.

Just add water, sun , three boys.

Joy is just around the corner.

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  1. Just add water, sun, three boys ~ adorable!

  2. My sentiments about summer exactly. Except we've already got sunshine and heat. Today's the last day of school! JOY!

  3. It's definitely already HOT, HOT HOT here! We went swimming yesterday, and the pool was like bath water, on June 2nd!! Enjoy your summer with no schedules to keep you hostage:)

  4. I just found out that I have to take summer term classes in order to stay on track with my timeline for my graduation next june...bleh.
    But in the meantime, it's finally drying out some.
    Yay for summer! No alarm clocks!!

  5. Joy is coming round the bend!
    We are waiting and watching together. :)

  6. "Just add water, sun, three boys." Now that is just plain wonderful! Thanks for this wonderful image.



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