Thursday, June 23, 2011

If things had been different...

If we had not met then,

would we have this wondrous life?

Would fate have intervened; righted wrongs?

Set us back onto the path

that led us to one another?

Would I still marvel at us?

Look at your smiling, unchanging face,

and still see you at seventeen,

rather than the crinkles that outline

the storming ocean-colored eyes I love?

Would we have these three boys,

that exhaust our energies, rejuvenate us;

remind of us promises made, kept?

If we had taken different paths,

would they have met here, right now?

Would we know how love's perseverance

has lined every day, every year?

And how truly fortunate we are,

that our "what if's" are reality;

the stuff dreams are made of.

What if?  If, then?  If you want to know more about Six Word Fridays, check out Melissa at a brand new Making Things Up!


  1. I love love love the last line. I feel much the same way :)

  2. How awesome that ya'll have been together since 17! That's a testament of true love and commitment. The stuff dreams are made of indeed!

  3. I love it when a thread develops from a six word theme. Seems like many of us are happy with the one we got!!

  4. everything happens the way it's supposed to in order to bring you what you need, I believe. I always like your poems.

  5. Isn't it great when real life is more dreamy than our what-ifs?

  6. "And how truly fortunate we are,
    that our 'what if's' are reality;
    the stuff dreams are made of."

    Ooh, I love this Maria, especially that last line. And what a remarkable thing to be able to say that your reality is as good as any fantasy.



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