Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifted in ways still unknown, undiscovered

When words have their way with me:

Floating through my dreamy mind,

Coursing out of my frantic fingers,

Pounded on keyboard, appearing magically onscreen;

I am in awe of such a gift.

And hope that words from me;

Written, spoken, whispered in quiet prayer

Are always truthful to my heart,

Kind to those who need it,

Healing to broken hearts and souls,

Thought-provoking for those needing challenge.

But mostly, that they cause a

Smile to dance on your face.
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  1. Oh the power of words. I know you do achieve your goals. You have definitely made me think and smile!

  2. Beautiful post. Writing is a gift and you have it!

  3. Beautiful post to being true and kind!

  4. It's true--kind words are SO needed in this world, including the world of blogging!

  5. You use your gift wisely, truly.

  6. And thank you for sharing your gift and a smile.

  7. A smile is dancing on my face :)

  8. I love that first line. The possibilities that can follow a statement like, "When words have their way with me..." are infinite.

  9. That is a lovely mantra! And yes, it made me smile! :)


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