Thursday, December 2, 2010

The daily routine of modern motherhood

Day in. Day out. Time scheduled.

Every minute of every day; accountable.

Wake. Run. Shower. Awaken sleepy children.

Pack. Kiss goodbyes. Commute. Coffee. Teach.

Plan lessons. Grade papers. Encourage. Dismiss.

Commute. Pick ups. Drop offs. Errands.

Homework. Dinner. Bills. Clean up. Endless.

Children bathed, tucked in bed; finished.

Momma's tired. Momma's bathed. Momma's asleep.

Repeat. Every single day. Cheerfully. Tirelessly.

Every minute of every day; blessed.

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  1. Maria, every day blessed-a perfect ending to your routine. We do things tirelessly for the ones that we love.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy it, because I got exhausted just reading about it. It is fun to do what we love though, isn't it!

  3. To iseeyou -- That's exactly how I felt -- exhausted! Maybe I need to toughen up.

    Maria - It's great to see the blessings in the everyday. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Caffeine only made one appearance here!
    My list might have been like:
    Coffee, coffee, then tea, coffee, coffee. ;)
    And I guess other stuff too.

  5. wow, don't forget to breathe!

  6. When you reflect on how much you do in one day, isn't it amazing? So many accomplishments and yet it all seems routine. Good to remember our blessings for sure;)


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