Friday, April 15, 2011

First love

My first love comes home daily,

is greeted by three rambunctious boys.

He writes love letters, folds laundry.

My first love can do anything;

handles any crisis with efficient calm,

packs lunches for his sleepy boys.

His smile awakes his tired wife;

because of him, she is invincible.

His mischievous green eyes still crinkle

in laughter, in amusement, in delight.

Those bewitching green eyes still smile

when I walk into the room.

They still see me as I was,

love me for who I've become.

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  1. Wow, Maria, i think this might be my favorite yet of your poetry. Love it. The last 2 lines are a perfect ending. You nailed this. And PS...did he read it?????

  2. You are so lucky to have that! That's the kind of love I want the second time around.

  3. I absolutely adore love stories like yours. You are a lucky woman indeed!

  4. He folds laundry? I'm stealing him.

  5. Folds laundry? makes lunches? Are you sure he's not an imaginary friend? lol. lucky you!

  6. An everyday, ongoing first love: beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! You are a lucky girl indeed! :)


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