Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting my blessings...

When I look at the images

that chronicle my life so far,

my heart full as I count

the blessings with ten fingers, toes.

Three strapping sons, two adorable nieces,

a new baby on the way

to add to this full list.

So, each day, I carefully count.

Each day, I call their names.

Grateful they are my glorious treasures.

Matthew, Andrew, Joshua, Alexandra, and Allison.

Awaiting a new niece or nephew,

witnessing the start of another family,

another already loved blessing to join

this giggle-ly, wiggly chorus of happiness;

the children of our blessed family.

Want to count with us?  Visit Melissa at Making Things Up for more on Six Word Fridays!


  1. "this giggle-ly, wiggly chorus of happiness"
    Love this line! There's a grou of six cousins on my husbands side of our family, and the photos of them growing up and growing closer trough the years has to be high on my list of blessings to count! With the oldest now 24, there's not much wiggling any more...but the giggling has not slowed down ~ not a bit!!

  2. There is no greater blessing than family, that's for sure!

  3. I love the line 'three strapping sons' and I love that you name your blessings by given name. Great job!

  4. LOVE this! What a great idea. Happy Easter weekend my friend!

  5. Yes, a blessing Roll Call. Exactly what is needed.

  6. Lovely. These precious and ever-growing treaures make all of life a blessing.

  7. @Adrienne, that was my favorite line as well :O) Children are a blessing from the Lord....

  8. "this giggle-ly, wiggly chorus of happiness" - that's what I love about my family too. :)

  9. It's great that you don't count your blessings, you name them too. Children are indeed such blessings aren't they? Over here from Six Word Fridays - hi! :)

  10. Counting toes, counting blessings, counting time...
    Congratulations on your niece or nephew-to-be! More giggling & wiggling is always welcome!

  11. Thanks for this enchanting poem, so filled with images that make it visual and very real!


  12. Uh, a new nephew or niece??? Is it Angie???


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