Saturday, February 6, 2010

How this blog came to be...

Once upon a time, before the magic of new love gave way to the reality of daily life, I used to dream of writing. The fantasy would fluctuate from journalism to the high-powered lure of the advertising world. The underlying theme was just to write: to express my thoughts, to be creative, to generate a chuckle or two from an audience. Then one day in my infinite seventeen year-old wisdom; I decided to volunteer and help at a children's home. I found looking at those expressionless eyes of children nursing broken hearts, that I had the capacity to help others. That trip my junior year in high school changed me in very profound ways, and somehow, the need to write went by the wayside.

Fast-forward way too many years than I care to admit to, and the darn bug is back! The complications of daily life and three children seem to put a wrench in the how-to part. And somehow, this need of mine is not being pushed to the back of the line. I have finally (and quite loudly) found my voice...and I have a lot to say. And, being said mother of three boys, I have a lot of material...

A good friend and co-worker started her blog about parenting over a year ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and commenting on her posts. Not too many days ago, she commented, "Maria, you are always so honest about parenting, have you thought about starting a blog?" I pondered, I questioned, I was EXCITED! Could I really venture out in this and be good? Could I get a following? Could I get people to really think about what they do and how they interact with their kids and NOT feel guilty about not being "perfect?"

So, over the last few days, after the match was lit (Thanks Liz, at ...but then I had kids) and the fire was burning, I began to plot. Like lovers meeting, I would try out titles in my head, play with templates, look at my parenting challenges with the eyes of a blogger hunting for a post...and so it began. And today was just the day to do it.

This morning, as so many that begin with tired, overworked and worried parents, began with a not-quite three year old talking in his sleep in the EARLY hours of the day. Because said child will not nap in the afternoon and therefore, not be the delightful, articulate child he projects when he is in the company of people he is not related to. He becomes an unbearable child; whining, indecisive. Not at all what people contemplating parenthood should be exposed to or what they dream about when they are standing on The Ledge of Do We or Don't We. Swimming helped tire him out but Joshua did not mince words. "I no nap today Mommy!" What was my response? Not the first time mother response of trying to reason, "But you must nap, sweet are so tired and need your rest." Not the response of the second time around the block mom, "Because I said so." Nope. This gal grabbed her purse, phone and keys and walked out the door to a scheduled hair appointment, casually mentioning over her shoulder to Hubby, "Hey, don't forget. He really needs to nap this afternoon." Lesson to be learned here: When pleading and/or strong-arming don't succeed, jump ship!


  1. Welcome, Maria, and Congrats! I have no doubt you will be great at this and people will love you. Just be YOU (as if you could help that). But remember...when you are in the passionate embrace of the blogging world and you are loving that you did this, I get all the credit. When you are stressing about how blogging became yet another job in your already stressful life, um...wasn't me. P.S. GREAT first post.

  2. Hi Mari!
    I love your blog and can totally relate to it! Right now I am at the bargaining table with the girls over dinner. Who knew a near 2 year old and 9 month old could have such a strong stand against dinner? I am so tired my counter offer is... absolutely nothing!


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