Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motherhood: Trial and Error

Do this, with one child: success.

Try that, with another: epic fail.

Improvisation with child three: inevitable split.

Mothering is a series of experiments,

Some great, some small, some crazy.

But all carefully cultivated with love.

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  1. This is great! And it's so true that we learn about each child (each of life's relationships, really) by trial and error! My two were so different ~ and needed such different things at each stage. Even as young adults, what they need isn't the same...and, guess what!? I'm STILL learning by trial and, yes, error!!

  2. Love this! We've had some epic fails this week. And spectacular successes. All the result of trials (and a lot of errors)

  3. The truth: Each child is different.
    I must remember this every day.
    And strive to meet all needs
    (with a smile in my heart).

  4. Lord yes. Each one, so different.
    You just have to keep trying.

  5. i am still learning this lesson! your reminder is a good thing.

  6. Parenting: advanced training in perpetual improvisation!

  7. I think you have just summarized perfectly the realizations I've had in the past few months as a newly minted mother of three. :)

  8. and it so completely, exhaustingly unfair
    especially when the fail comes first
    and you forget to try again
    with any of the other kids


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