Friday, March 18, 2011

A call to action; a call for hope

After the rain, after the destruction

The sun peeks from behind clouds.

Dark skies part to make way

for the tomorrow that must come,

for people to rescue, comfort, mourn.

After the rain, comes the sun,

bringing new life, new beginnings, hope.

Let us be the rays of sun

to light the dark days ahead.

Let us be hope personified, that

our Japanese brothers, sisters turn to

like sunflowers turn to the sun;

to grow, to blossom, to live.

For every comment left here today, I will donate $1 to Save the Children for the littlest victims of Japan's earthquake and tsumani.

Will you heed our call?  The American Red Cross and Save the Children are currently taking donations for Japan's earthquake and tsumani victims.
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  1. "Dark skies part to make way
    For the tomorrow that must come"
    Lovely! Such a tender post.
    You are not only speaking about hope, you're giving hope.
    Be blessed~

    Stopping by from Six Word Fridays

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty that comes after the darkness.

  3. Maria,

    This is a well crafted and very visual poem. I love the analogy of human beings turning toward the sun as do sunflowers. This is wonderful.

    Namaste..........cj Schlottman

  4. I see hope in your words.
    magical writing..

    Here is My Entry, Thanks for reading!

  5. Beautiful poem! love you-mom

  6. "like sunflowers turn to the sun
    to grow, to blossom, to live."

    A beautiful encouragement to rebuild, and rejoice in what remains.

  7. Beautifully said! Lean toward the sun.
    Lean in to hope, all together.

    (THANK YOU!)

  8. yes. follow the warmth of hope.

  9. Gorgeous words, generous actions. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful. Thank you for your generosity. Blessings to your family!

  11. A lovely post that reminds me of Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. It always comes.

  12. You offer me hope every day.
    Thank you for your generous heart.

  13. "After the rain, comes the sun" - always, always.

  14. love it..eloquent piece.

    join us today, share 1 to 3 poems as first time participant, welcome and have fun.

    signed in to follow you, welcome checking us out.


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