Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sounds of healing...

The blood pressure monitor whirs,

the life-giving oxygen machine hums.

Outside, nurses rush to and fro

caring for so many, including Mom.

Over so many years, different hospitals,

different patients, different diagnosis, same fear.

Seeing your parent become frail, sick,

never gets easier, just less unexpected.

The silence of healing: miraculous, incredible,

is a welcomed sound, however temporary.

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  1. Maria, this is great. Within the parameters of the six-word Friday prompt you wrote a beautiful poem!

  2. Very poignant. I really like that phrase ~ the silence of healing. So much in those 3 words.

  3. I know this is a world that my family is hurtling toward, but it's still so hard to imagine. Your words add the comforting reminder that healing is there, too.

  4. My parents are getting older and we're facing more time spent in hospitals with all those sounds. Love "the silence of healing: miraculous"! Beautiful poem!

  5. So lovely, as always, Maria. You say so much with so few words. My wish is that everyone in pain can find the "silence of healing." xo

  6. Sometimes silence is the most welcome sound of all.


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