Thursday, October 20, 2011


On days filled with endless chatter,

I long for silence, quiet , peace.

Barraging giggles, loud whispers, conspiratory voices

easily overwhelm the balance within me.

Deep within, my inner voice questions

if I will readily, willingly embrace

the eventual silence that will come

when my nest is empty, silent.

Then I remember, "I chose this."

This haphazardly controlled chaos of life

that this mom with three boys

lives, balances, treasures and fights against,

is something she chose willingly, wholeheartedly

when her heart and soul were quiet

and not yet full of joy.
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  1. so far the "silence" of the empty nest has been a joyful 'next step' in life ~ not to be feared, in my opinion!!

  2. It's amazing the joy that comes from so much noise

  3. One day we will have silence, but our hearts will be filled up with the joyful noise we're soaking up right now. :)

  4. It's always the thing we don't have that we want. Being able to take a break and get some quiet makes it easier to appreciate the joyful noise, though.


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