Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why not...

Do things on a whim.

Practice random acts of kindness today.

Run an extra mile, just because.

Smile at someone who needs it.

Give a compliment and mean it.

Be kind to someone who's rude.

Act silly, like your shoe size.

Indulge in something, just for you.

Unload an anxiety that cripples you.

Replace it with something joyful, empowering.

Drown a sorrow, float with hope.

Do what you would do if

today was your very last day.

It's not too late to change.

Why not start right this second?

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  1. Love your list. Such wisdom compressed into each line. Claiming "Unload an anxiety that cripples you" for mine today since fear has been hovering around me this week. :( Think I'll take "float with hope" also! :)
    Visiting from 6 Word Fridays.

  2. Exactly right. We all need to act our shoe size every once in a while. :)

  3. Great list! Very energizing! (I didn't act my shoe size when I was my shoe that would be a fun one for me to try!!)

  4. Why not, indeed! I have a kid my shoe size, I might as well act his age sometimes! :)


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