Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to... try to have fun (in spite of the kids)

Book a weekend alone, plan outings.

Pack your bags, kiss the kids.

Say goodbye. Wave. Peel rubber, baby!

Make your way to your destination.

Toast your good fortune, your escape.

Beach, restaurants, big plans: movies, dancing.

Reality? These two "fun" people's plans?

Fizzled out with the evening's twilight.

The culprits? Not the usual suspects.

No little boys and their antics...

Too much sun, too many cocktails,

Super early bird dinners sans children,

Make for sleeping parents at 9:00 p.m.

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  1. lol isn't that always how it works!?! Big plans are thwarted by a need to sleep :) I hope you had a great weekend away!

  2. OH, gotta love that rest! I remember those days when the 'escape' was soooo precious! Now I'm just trying to get them home for dinner once in a while ;-)

  3. Early bird dinners happen with kids. Without them our date night doesn't even begin until 9pm. I love it.

    As for a weekend getaway, we're still working on that. Wish us luck!

  4. But at least you ended up rested! That part sounds awesome. Rest--being really rested--seems like a hazy sort of a dream to me, most days. :)

  5. too much sun
    too many cocktails
    Sounds like a great time to me :)

  6. Some how sleep or house work take over free weekends...It annoys me to no end that this happens. Obviously it's not annoying me too much or I'd just overlook both...I mean one.


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