Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another move...

Another fall. Another phone call. Worry.

Another set of plans gone awry.

Another chance to do what's right.

Another mess to efficiently clean up.

A house to box up, sell.

Another move to a new place,

to start over at the end.

Dismantling and rearranging lives already lived

never gets any easier; less heartbreaking.

And yet, when given the options,

moving, starting over at the end

is better than hearing, "They're gone."

Because of love, the move's orchestrated,

the worries lessen a bit more.

Others care and monitor, feed, bathe.

And all that's left to do

is love until the last move.

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  1. love until the last move.
    Oh, you got me there.

  2. The dismantling squeezes at my heart.
    May this end-move be settling.

    Love to you and your elders.

  3. ..."Dismantling and rearranging lives already lived never gets any easier..." What a wonderful string of words. This piece touched me and I thank you for it.


  4. Very touching ~ thanks for sharing so openly and sensitively.

  5. This really touched me. Beautiful write.

  6. I hope that with this move comes peace of mind for everyone

  7. Yes, hoping this move brings peace of mind to everyone. :)

  8. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot right now. I hope writing this lovely piece helps give you some peace of mind during a tricky time. Sending love, my friend. xo


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