Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exchanges: Summer vs. Fall

Summer requirements include: flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen

Cheesy novel, rigorous exercise, extensive meals.

Easy days, lazy nights, no schedule.

No shoes, no shirts, no problem.

Fast forward to August; exchanges required.

Fall requirements include: school uniforms, supplies

Required reading, no exercise, quick meals.

Hard days, harder nights, rigorous schedules.

High heels, ironed shirts, countless assignments.

New challenges, new opportunities, new beginnings.

Sometimes, exchanges aren't all that bad...

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  1. I do love fall! I'll exchange the heat and humidity for the cool, crisp days and nights in a heartbeat!!

  2. I'm in denial that it's September but at the same time excited about what it will bring!

  3. I must say, fall is the loveliest season at all.

  4. Fall is my favorite Season. Winter should last for the month of December, and then the world revert back into Fall :o)

    Alas, the Earth would be the loser in that exchange, so I guess we'll have leave the seasons that they are. :o)

  5. Oh we haven't got to this stage yet, but I do remember the change from summer into fall as a kid, teen, and college student. I did love it.

  6. I'm okay with it. I just wish it didn't happen so dang early in the morning. :)

  7. You have skillfully brought us through the change from summer to fall. This piece flows very easily.

    Here? Not so much fall yet. It's 97 outside!


  8. I do love new school supplies,
    but I'm in denial about fall.
    Can it really be here already?

    (I feel like I say that every season...)

  9. How funny..I had been brewing a post on summer/fall....not for 6-word, but still...! Man,summer feels really, really far away!

  10. I love the Fall...favourite season by far. So many exciting happenings. Hope you have a great one!


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