Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peace within...

The one thing we long for,

we must have to give freely.

It's forms: intricately designed and distinct.

It descends in moments of despair,

enveloping you, lifting you, sustaining you.

It permeates in moments of joy,

deepening the moment; strengthening faith, hope.

How often have prayed for it:

how quickly it has been granted.

It has been my armor, strength

in all that I have endured.

In the moments of quiet meditation

I pray that I can be

an instrument of peace to those

who look for strength, hope, sustenance;

and that the peace I find within

is always there, given freely, abundantly.

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  1. So great to read this as I take a break from the final packing for our wedding weekend. This is beautifully expressed ~ and I will remember to ask {and accept} the peace that is freely given throughout the weekend!

  2. That's the kind of peace that lets me thrive amidst outward chaos. (Well. Usually "thrive." Occasionally "endure.") ;)


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