Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saving myself…

Once upon a time, long ago,

a little girl grew up with

poverty and sadness; a dizzying combination.

She promised herself an ever after

that included copious amounts of happiness

and never having to worry about

how to pay your doctor’s bills.

She worked hard, found Prince Charming,

and her happily ever after that

included a roof over her head,

food on the table, bills paid.

Saving for rainy days became something

that would guarantee a safety net

in case the dream was broken.

When her children arrived, she realized

that saving for rainy days now

meant providing a net for them.

Saving for rainy days today means

putting a little extra money away

to help with surprises: good, bad.

But more importantly, to help me

get myself through those tumultuous days,

my heart’s snapshots always remind me

that the greatest fortune to save

is the love of your family.

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  1. I really related to this. Very nice write.

  2. "My heart's snapshots"-- I find myself flipping through those often. :)

  3. Yeah, you can't let the fear of what might be overwhelm the enjoyment of what is.

  4. saving money - wise
    saving memories - wonderful
    seems like you've got a great combo of those two things going on!


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