Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well Paid, Infinitely Wealthy

Job description notes endless days, nights.

Dirty faces and behinds, whining, complaining.

Rumbling, hungry tummies to be filled.

Injustices to be righted with conviction.

Armed with Mommy's Childrearing Playbook,

tasks are rarely completed as desired.

On days I need it most,

payday is an unimaginable windfall.

Currency: Hugs, kisses, squeals and smiles.

It makes "All About the Benjamin's"

turn an envious shade of green.

I doubt millionaires are this rich.
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  1. Precious! And thank goodness they just show up with those hugs and giggles at just the right times!!

  2. Exactly as you say. Unparalleled payday.
    Though,sadly, I lack a playbook. ;)

  3. great! and sometimes it seems they know just when a well placed bribe is needed

  4. "On days I need it most, payday is an unimaginable windfall"
    Love.that.line. :)

  5. Yes, I doubt millionaires feel this rich. There is no payout that compares. :)


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