Monday, September 27, 2010

Scrambled eggs for brains...

Why is it that today, I found a bill that should have been paid two weeks ago? Or that I went to buy children's ibuprofen even though I had a forgotten, unopened bottle of it in the medicine cabinet? Or that I bought children's cough medicine in orange flavor, which my oldest son clearly detests?

Why is it that I went to work, regardless of the fact that I slept very little after my oldest complained of a splitting headache at 3 am? Or that I left the house without realizing I hadn't eaten breakfast or had not brought a protein bar with me to munch on during the drive to work?

Why is it that I scheduled a ENT follow-up on a day that I have an informational meeting for a recertification that I must begin this fall? Or that I can barely find the time to make, let alone keep, a hair dresser's appointment so that I no longer look like a graying version of Cousin It?

Why is it that regardless of whatever stupidity I find myself in, my loving husband can get a gleam in his eye, shake his head knowingly and smile as he says everything will be okay?

Why is it that the area formerly known as my brain now closely resembles and functions much like scrambled eggs?

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  1. I can only blame it on September madness. You have my full sympathy. Why is it, just days after HamsterGate, when I need some peace, I walk downstairs to see a kitchen floor covered in water and a smoking dishwasher? September Gremlins, be gone!


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