Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Try it, you'll like it

In becoming a mother, you kind of have to put your money where your mouth is. You can't expect your kids to try new stuff if you rarely venture too far from coloring outside the lines.

In the almost ten years I became a mother, I have learned to swim, tried all kinds of food that would have never even been a choice, flown across the country, and lately, have pushed my physical limits. I have slowly, consistently and consciously put myself in situations my children know make me squirm to show them that trying something new is not a bad thing, but something that should be embraced.

Case in point: Zumba.

I know what you are thinking, how could a Cuban girl be fearful of fast paced music and dance moves.

'Cause this Cuban married an American. And because for all the Spanish blood in me, I got no real rhythm.

I can barely carry sheet music in a bag.

But I did it. I was in that class. I tried to keep up, and did okay.

For those not familiar, Zumba is fast paced aerobics class, set to fast Latin music, and were the instructors incorporate Latin dance moves. Key word here is FAST!

My neighbor and I stood in line, waiting for the class. When the doors finally opened, there was barely any room, but we managed to carve out a small piece of floor for ourselves. And the class began.

Of course, as in anything, there were people who really seemed to know what they were doing and were in total sync with the instructor. There were other people who could not keep up, and eventually, walked out of the class.

Somehow, though, I refused to walk out. It is funny, how your mind won't let you back down out of a situation. I did not want to walk out of that room a second before that class ended. And although I had some trouble keeping up, mainly because of the crowded dance floor and the fact that I was towards the back of the room, which is not the best place for a short person, I hung on. And I was glad I did.

But as I notice myself trying all kinds of new things, I am beginning to see my children venture out and try new stuff too.

Like salad. And I use that term loosely, since the actual salad only consists of lettuce and Caesar dressing.

And sticking to commitments that, I am sure, they would rather not think about, but seem to enjoy once they get going, like tennis.

All this to say that change is good.

Adventure is even better.

And doing it surrounded with like-minded people is ALWAYS more enjoyable.


  1. That is really an awesome way to get your kids to try new things. If you are afraid to try things why should they? But if they see you doing it they will too. I am a new follower and I really like your blog.

  2. My kids seem to think that being afraid of things means they should never do them. I tell them the wise quote I heard somewhere that I'm going to paraphrase: Courage is not the absence of fear but of acting despite fear.

    I've been such a chicken about so many things but done them, time and time again. Newest goal? Actually making it to the Bikram Yoga class near my house. I'm terrified of the hour and half of 105 degreed hot yoga! We'll see if I make it!

  3. Oh God! I've seen those Zumba classes and they look really hard! Good for you!

  4. This reminds of the episode of "Friends" when Monica meets that other Monica who stole her identity and she ends up trying all these new things, and at the end of the show, she goes to a tap class and the teacher yells out: "Hey you! In the back, you're doing it all wrong!" And she yells back: "Yeah, but at least I'm doing it!" That was inspirational to me...I struggle with this big time. Kudos, Maria.


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