Thursday, February 2, 2012


A very well deserved getaway, alone.

The last slice of adult pizza.

A stolen moment of longing, silence.

The seemingly insurmountable grief of loss.

The joy of seeing our kids.

The worry of parenting the kids.

The very last crumbs of tiramisu.

With you, sharing is not optional.

That is just fine with me.

There is no one who shares

quite as well as you do

all of life's joys and sorrows,

as well as favorite culinary delights;

the warm comforters on cold nights.
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  1. This is beautiful and it sounds like a very much needed time away!

  2. Glad you had this time away. Hugs.

  3. oh, all those things that we share over the years ... really does add up and become second nature! This is lovely!

  4. Everything's better shared, good or bad!

  5. Oh that is lovely. Sharing does just become second nature with our loves.


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