Thursday, February 9, 2012


Our children busy, wrapped in imagination.

Breakfast dishes littering the kitchen table.

You and I, two coffee cups.

The aroma entices us to awaken;

a truth serum for the weary.

Long forgotten antidotes, reminders of events.

Our past, present and future whispered;

treasured on this rare, quiet morning.

My hopes spoken, worries finally revealed

to my faithful confidant, secret keeper.

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  1. My favorite times of the week are my weekend mornings...with toast, coffee and my hubby. No scchedule, just time to chat!

  2. 'Our children busy, wrapped in imagination'
    You got me with the first line.

  3. Sweet! I would not mind more of these moments in my day. Could we take coffee breaks three times a day? Hmm... ;)


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