Thursday, March 1, 2012


At the end of the day,

after homework, dinner and baths;

the battle begins; a hopeless dance.

Be productive in relative peace, quiet?

Drop everything , grab the neglected book ?

Run to undo the days dietary mistakes?

Or succumb to the inviting softness

of the freshly made, warm bed...

In hopes of a productive tomorrow

when I can read or run;

not surrender too quickly or soundly

as the white sheets beckon me tonight.

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  1. I surrender to the pillows even when the bed is rumpled and unmade--a warm, fresh bed would be too inviting to pass up! For all that other stuff, there's always tomorrow... :)

  2. I hear you! I've been doing The Artist's Way recently and have been trying to stay super consistent in writing daily (mostly handwriting, not on my blog), but there are days I just want to stay in bed instead - not get up at 5am to sneak in writing time before everything else. Oh yes!

  3. Story of my life! AND reason why, no matter WHAT I say and write, I keep neglecting my little blog...
    Have a great time (perhaps some in bed? ;) ) in Napa....we will definitely compare stories upon our returns! Bonjour!

  4. Bed wins out when writing doesn't!


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