Thursday, May 3, 2012


Permission slips signed. One field trip.   
Distant destination: Orlando. Parental nerves frayed.
One new, fully charged cell phone.
Just what the anxious mother ordered
as Matthew goes on his own,
for the very, very first time.
So she doesn't go completely crazy,
letting her baby test his wings.

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  1. That's a huge step!! I hope he has a great trip and that you are able to enjoy the time he's away (or at least not go completely crazy) ;)

  2. OH wow - huge step! How NICE to have cell phones...we took those steps before that connection was possible...thinking back, I'm trying to remember how we knew they had landed safely...guess we waited until they called from the place they were staying. My 25 year old is well a text from her yesterday as soon as she could turn on her phone after landing. She's is FL too!

  3. Shhh! I'm sure we'll be headed down that road soon enough. Argh.

  4. Wow! Thank goodness for the blessing of a charged phone. :)

  5. As a child, I loved those trips. As a mom, I was always a little anxious. They always turned out OK! Yay for cell phones!


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