Thursday, May 24, 2012


If you are a parent, there is nothing carefree about this stretch of road...

The action of driving: impending dread
(for oh-so-many reasons in South Florida!)
and what will bring our family
to the brink of bankruptcy when
we have three additional males insured
under our policy.  God help us.
But only if the grocery bills
don’t drive us there first. Seriously.  

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  1. yes...insuring young male drivers ~ every parent's dream!

  2. Ha! I understand what you mean. Then add gas prices to the mix and we'll ALL be in bankruptcy.

  3. However true this might be, I sense a bit of humor behind those words! Hehe!

    My daughter was at the DMV on her birthday...4 accidents first year...not one her fault. My son didn't go for his license for over a year. No accidents. Both of them helped to pay for their insurance - part of the privilege of driving.

  4. Oh, the grocery bills. I am not even thinking about car insurance yet! No no nooooo.... ;)


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