Thursday, May 17, 2012


June 2009: Daddy and the boys in Naples, Florida

Almost twelve years (yikes!) into motherhood,
I am growing in this role.
I no longer quiver when faced
with a bleeding (or vomiting) child.
I no longer tremble when challenged
by hungry, filthy, bored , warring boys
that seem to gain monstrous strength
with each and every passing  second.
No.  I have grown in mothering
just as my boys flourish with
each passing milestone,  every grown inch,
each hard won, exhausting, monumental,  accomplishment.
I stand in wide mouthed awe,
amazed that, in spite of myself,
their growth leaves me behind, small;
but oh, so very much beloved!
And someday, rather soon, I suppose,
they will tower over me: souvenir
of time's passage; my own growth.

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  1. I totally am with you on this. I feel much more centred as a person now that I'm a mother. At first it was a wild ride (Ok, it still is) but now instead of hanging on for dear life, I'm enjoying the ups and downs.

  2. I really realized this when I had my second child. I felt so much more confident. And you are right, we face each challenge bit by bit and really grow into the role of a parent. Sometimes, though, I still look at myself and think, "I'm still a kid myself."

  3. This gives me hope that with the third I won't feel more harried but instead more confident and grounded in myself as a mom.

  4. A great role in life that we grow into...and never out of!

  5. Growing with our children...often results in "wide mouthed awe"! Just lovely!

  6. Vomit no longer scares me, either! A mother-growth badge of honor. ;)

  7. I imagine you've done a lot of growing with three boys. :)

  8. I love the souvenir reference.
    I still quiver at vomit.

  9. I still vomit at vomit, they say "It gets better".


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